February 24, 2024

A couple residing in central Israel who have been together for four and a half years is now facing a divorce for a very strange reason. Despite both having stable jobs – the wife in accounting and the husband in the legal field – and their marriage lasting for three and a half years, they have been unable to conceive a child due to a condition set by the woman, which has become the key factor for their divorce. According to the woman, her husband has never kissed her since the day they met, even after they got married. Initially, he claimed emotional incapability, but later revealed that he simply does not enjoy kissing. This became a major issue when the couple planned to start a family, as the woman demanded a kiss from her husband before proceeding with any further steps. She argues that her request is not excessive, as she desires an intimate connection with her husband and finds his explanations unsatisfactory. Only recently did the husband openly express his distaste for kissing, while affirming his love and appreciation for his wife. He believes the reason for their divorce to be illusory and suspicious, stating, “I would not divorce someone over a refusal to kiss.” The woman, however, firmly maintains that without a complete intimate relationship involving kissing, she will not bear a child with him. Following the husband’s return from reserve duty and a conversation where he reiterated his unwillingness to change his stance, the woman presented him with a premade divorce letter from her lawyer. Attorney Sherin Solan advises the couple to resolve their conflict before considering divorce. However, given their lack of shared assets and children, and the wife’s entitlement to a fully loving relationship, including kissing, a divorce seems inevitable, regardless of the husband’s resistance.