February 22, 2024

At the Million Mom March for gun control in Washington, DC, I stood proudly with my daughter and a sign carrying the message: “Momma Says, Eat Your Veggies & Never Play with Guns!” My deep-seated hatred for guns and violence in America led me to ban toy guns in my household. I was determined to shield my eldest son from such influences, only to find out that he became a gun enthusiast later in life. I continued to disdain violent content, and my resolve was further strengthened after moving to Israel, witnessing the increased threats to life. In response to these dangers, I made the decision to acquire a gun license and purchase a gun for self-defense. Despite my initial shock and discomfort, I underwent the necessary procedures and training to make the purchase. As I handled a gun for the first time and fired it, I was faced with feelings of insecurity and vulnerability, but ultimately, I understood the importance of learning the skills to protect myself and my family.