November 30, 2023

At the end of the fourth day of the abductees’ families’ march to Jerusalem, the families’ representatives demanded that the cabinet members meet with them to explain the Israeli government’s position on a possible deal. Various representatives of the families called out the government for their failure to communicate clearly with the families. Naor Paktzi, a representative of the families of the abductees from Kibbutz Be’eri, emphasized the need for the War Cabinet to make decisions after meeting with the families. Ivy Mozes, chairman of the Organization for Victims of Hostilities in Israel, urged the government to take action to bring back the abductees. Kamelia Hoter Yishai, grandmother of Gali Tarshansky, and Yuval Haran, both spoke about their personal experiences and made passionate pleas for the government to meet with them. Udi Goren, cousin of Tal Chaimi, emphasized the importance of the War Cabinet’s involvement in resolving the crisis. Overall, the families are urging the government to prioritize the safe return of the abductees.