December 10, 2023

America is no longer the haven it once was for Jews. A rally in Washington, DC showed widespread support for Israel, but mounting antisemitic incidents have fueled fear and concern among the Jewish community. After a surge in antisemitic incidents following Hamas’s attack on Israel, a report by the Anti-Defamation League revealed a 316% increase in antisemitic incidents in the US. The rise in antisemitism is causing alarm among Americans, with more than 70% expressing that Jew-hatred is a serious problem.

Several acts of violence and harassment targeting Jews have been reported, including a 69-year-old man killed in California during a confrontation with a pro-Palestinian protester, and a driver intentionally rammed into a motorcyclist displaying an Israeli flag. This mounting antisemitism extends to schools and college campuses, where anti-Israel sentiments have increased. However, support for Israel remains strong, as demonstrated by the recent rally in Washington, DC.

While solidarity rallies provide a sense of unity and determination among the pro-Israel community, they do not diminish the harsh reality of increasing antisemitism in the US. Jews are facing a renewed sense of fear and concerns about their place in the nation. Despite the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to address the surge in reported antisemitic incidents, many Jews feel that America may no longer be a safe haven for them. Although they cherish their nation, they are confronted with questions about their own identities and security.