December 10, 2023

US President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of a two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict during a discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also warned against the occupation of Gaza, stating that it would be a mistake. Biden reiterated that he is working to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza but clarified that this does not involve sending in the US military.

Additionally, Biden disclosed that he discussed the Israel-Hamas war with Chinese President Xi Jinping and stressed the need to prevent the situation from escalating further. He condemned Hamas for committing war crimes, specifically pointing out their placement of headquarters under a hospital. Biden also expressed support for the Israeli military operation in Gaza and stated that it would continue until Hamas can no longer pose a threat to Israel.

At a press conference, Biden highlighted the ongoing negotiations for the release of hostages and praised the cooperation of the Qataris in this effort. He also acknowledged the complexity of the situation, particularly in light of protests and opposition within his own party, but maintained his support for the Israeli military operation. The article concluded with a note indicating that the story is still developing.