November 30, 2023

The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell, stated that the EU has been too reliant on the United States for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Borrell emphasized the need for the EU to play a more active role in achieving a two-state solution to the conflict. He also stressed the importance of finding a resolution to prevent a perpetual cycle of violence.

Borrell’s comments come amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, with no end in sight. He pointed out the political and moral failure of the international community in addressing the conflict and emphasized the necessity of a two-state future.

He outlined a framework for moving forward, which includes key elements such as no forced displacement outside of Gaza and the return of the Palestinian Authority to the region. The EU issued a joint statement expressing concern about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and called for immediate pauses in hostilities to allow aid to reach civilians.

The EU also emphasized Israel’s right to defend itself and condemned Hamas’s use of hospitals and civilians as human shields. Borrell’s remarks highlight the EU’s intention to take a more proactive stance in the peace process and work towards a sustainable solution for both parties involved.