December 10, 2023

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell urged Israel to not be “consumed with rage” in response to Hamas’ October 7 infiltration of southern Israel, which left several communities destroyed. He expressed compassion for the fears and pains of the affected, but emphasized the need to not let rage take over. Borrell also stressed the distinction between a civilized society and a terrorist group, emphasizing the importance of respecting human life.

He arrived in southern Israel amidst growing international concern over the situation, particularly the fatality count and the IDF’s activities in Al-Shifa hospital. Borrell had expressed deep distress over the loss of life and called for an immediate humanitarian pause in the fighting prior to his visit. He also stated the need for the European Union’s involvement in finding a resolution to the conflict and providing humanitarian assistance.

During his visit, Borrell accompanied Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to see the aftermath of the attacks, highlighting the need for humanitarian aid for those affected. He also condemned the actions of Hamas and expressed solidarity with the Israeli people.

Borrell emphasized that security can only be achieved through peace, calling for a sustainable solution that allows Israel to live in peace and security alongside the Palestinians and Arab countries. He pointed out the need to prevent such horrors from happening again in the future.