February 26, 2024

The civil defense branch of the protest group Brothers in Arms, collaborated with the Israeli gaming industry to release a video as part of the war effort, calling for the release of hostages. The video features clips of the game Fortnite with voices asking for help and teasing each other, common in online gaming communities. One of the voices in the video mentions that Or, one of the hostages, has been kidnapped by Hamas. The video sheds light on Or (16) and his younger brother Yagil Yaakov (13), who were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7. It urges viewers to retweet the video with the hashtag #FordstillAFK. The video was created to raise awareness of the kidnappings and was a collaboration between the civil defense branch of Brothers in Arms and the Israeli gaming industry. Brothers in Arms is a renowned protest group that began in early 2023 to oppose the judicial reform by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, on October 7, the group’s leadership called for an immediate halt to protests and the return of all available reservists to duty to help defend the country. Members of the group have played a significant role in the war effort, from rehousing programs for displaced citizens to helping with the identification of missing persons after the October 7 massacre.