November 30, 2023

Aleeza Chanowitz was disinvited from the Stockholm International Film Festival. The reason presented was the guidelines of the Swedish Foreign Ministry instruct to exercise caution toward flights from Israel. Chanowitz boycotted the offer to attend if she paid her own way. The festival had called the disinvited, expressing her refusal to accept the new conditions. Hot expressed regret and called the decision a surrender to fear and violence.
Chanowitz responded to the decision saying, “The festival’s excuse for why they don’t want me to come has changed three times, and it makes me feel like they’re not telling me the truth.” She also mentioned that her goal was to support the Israeli economy instead of buying in Sweden. Chanshi, the series in question, stars Aleeza Chanowitz as the lead role, and Henry Winkler, Caroline Aaron, Tomer Macloof, Oshri Cohen, and Marina Schon in supporting roles.
This incident comes after a controversial sign was raised at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, which was greeted with applause by the audience and the festival director, Orwa Nyrabia. In response, members of the Israeli film community issued a strongly worded letter to IDFA, expressing their opposition to the sign’s message and calling for a clear rejection and denouncement of such calls for violence.