February 22, 2024

Israeli chess clubs organized an event with the Hostages and Missing Families Forum to bring attention to the impact of missing hostages on chess games. The event, held in Savyon, Israel, included activities to raise awareness for the return of the abductees. Hungary’s ambassador to Israel, Zoltan Santgiorzi, attended the event as a show of solidarity. The event also featured photos of Israel’s missing children and an online event as part of the UNESCO-recognized Chess4Solidarity project. The event drew close to 300 participants from around the world, including Iran, Indonesia, Egypt, and the Palestinian territories. Eitan Stiva, Rabbi Boris Gelfand, and Yossi Arueti made emotional remarks, and Li Min Peng, a Ukrainian with Chinese roots, won the primary competition. The event was accessible to chess viewers worldwide for commentary and competition viewing.