February 26, 2024

The October 7 massacre in Israel claimed the life of Adam Barima, a Darfurian refugee who had escaped Sudan about 15 years ago. Hamas terrorists shot and killed him while he was walking in the southern city of Sderot. The tragedy of Barima’s death sheds light on the ongoing atrocities in Darfur, where the Janjawid militia has been carrying out brutal massacres for the past 20 years. The world has largely remained silent as thousands of people have been killed, villages and cities burned, and entire communities displaced. These systematic and genocidal attacks are not isolated incidents, but rather the result of brainwashing and dehumanizing propaganda. Comparably, the situation in Darfur mirrors the complex geopolitical context of Israel and Gaza, where regional power dynamics allow terrorist groups like Hamas to thrive.

The recent murder of Adam Barima in Israel and the ongoing genocide in Darfur serve as haunting reminders of the atrocities that continue to occur around the world. These senseless acts of violence must not be ignored, and the international community needs to take action to protect innocent lives.