December 10, 2023

The Jordanian coffee shop, Gosta Coffee, has recently come under fire for selling a drink called ‘Holo-gosta’ and featuring burning Star of David marshmallows on top. The ad for the drink, which also featured a hand in a Palestinian flag glove holding a blowtorch, sparked outrage on social media. Many were shocked that Instagram and Facebook allowed the ad to stay up.

The coffee shop responded to the complaints by claiming that its Instagram page had been disabled for several hours due to what they called “a campaign of attacks” by Zionists. They also alleged that their rating on Google Maps had dropped to less than two stars as a result of a campaign against the shop.

In light of the controversy, the coffee shop called on its supporters to express support for the page, stating, “We will remain supportive of the Palestinian cause despite all these threats.”

This incident is not the first time an eatery in the region has come under fire for attacking Jews. Following a massacre on October 7, a pizzeria in the West Bank published an online advertisement that depicted an elderly Israeli woman kidnapped by terrorists in Gaza. The IDF shut down the pizzeria after the advertisement was reported.