December 10, 2023

Israel’s Role in the Swords of Iron War and Controversy Over SNL Sketch

Israel’s significant role in the Middle East has garnered global attention due to the ongoing Swords of Iron War, initiated after the October 7 massacre. This conflict dominates both local and international media.

SNL, also known as “Saturday Night Live,” is a prestigious platform that hosts top celebrities from Hollywood. A recent episode featuring Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet drew significant attention, particularly a sketch that sparked controversy.

So, what did the sketch portray?

The sketch depicted a failed musician contemplating suicide on a building’s edge. Three bystanders promised to share the musician’s terrible music online, but when the musician revealed his band’s name, “H A M A S,” referencing the conflict in Israel, the bystanders refused to share a song by a band named after the controversial organization, Hamas.

The joke received severe criticism from pro-Palestinian netizens who accused the show of making light of the situation in Gaza. Some condemned the insensitivity and expressed disgust, highlighting the ongoing loss of life. A tweet further emphasized the controversy, drawing attention to the sketch.

Is Chalamet a Zionist?

Critics connected Chalamet’s personal life to the controversy, claiming he and his girlfriend are “Zionists.” The reference was made in relation to an Instagram post by Kylie Jenner supporting Israel, which has since been deleted.

The sketch’s casual approach to the conflict and the deaths of Palestinian children sparked further criticism, with some commenters emphasizing the children affected and others pointing to the actions of Hamas in Gaza.