December 10, 2023

Twister Sister singer Dee Snider was asked by TMZ how he felt about IDF soldiers using his band’s song “We’re not gonna take it” as an unofficial anthem and, in a filmed response, Snyder came out in support of the songs use and Israel’s goal to end Hamas.

“You know what?” Snider asks, “The assault on the Israelis…People are losing sight of something, you know? People are saying that ‘oh, the response is going to be too intense for what happened.’ Well, you don’t get to decide on the response, people, when you do heinous things to civilians. You don’t get to say ‘Oh that’s enough retaliation.’ No, it doesn’t work like that.

“When you crossed that line, you’re burning people, you’re slaughtering people, you’re raping people, you’re just killing people – and that’s what happened with that festival. You don’t get to say ‘Okay, your revenge can be this much.’ No, payback’s a motherf***er.”

The song, which is considered a protest anthem for many, was released in 1984 on the Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry album.

Snider, who has a Jewish father, has been vocal on X about his support for the Jewish state. Writing in posts that “the original attack [was] on Israel. The one that started this war? First blood. I’m confused why people have quickly forgotten the horrifying acts that started this whole thing. Horrific it the only word that fits. There is no such thing as a “reasonable” response in war.”