February 24, 2024

The accused Elon Musk is set to meet Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Monday along with Israelis whose relatives have been held by Hamas in Gaza. Musk, who has been criticized for promoting anti-Jewish hatred on his social media platform X, will also meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Musk’s visit coincides with a four-day truce in the Israeli war with Palestinian Hamas militants, during which 40 of the 240 hostages held by Hamas have returned to Israel. Musk has faced backlash for his mixed signals on antisemitism, as he initially stated that X would not promote hate speech but later agreed with a post that promoted antisemitic content. Major US companies have paused their advertisements on his social media site in response to these controversies. Antisemitism and Islamophobia have been on the rise, particularly during the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. Musk has defended X as a platform for diverse viewpoints but has also acknowledged the need to limit the distribution of certain posts that violate its policies. Despite the controversy, Musk is developing an artificial intelligence startup, xAI, and Israel is considered a world leader in this field. The Israeli economy has been affected by the war, with slow growth expected in 2024 as long as the conflict continues. Despite an initial drop, the shekel has gained 8% against the dollar and stock prices have also recovered.