February 24, 2024

The Hamas Atrocities of October 7 brought the IDF into sharp focus for the entire nation and Jews across the globe. Tens of thousands of reservists were called up, and those who were already in active service were mobilized for Operation Swords of Iron. Israel was changed forever that day, with thousands injured, hundreds kidnapped into Gaza, and over 1,200 murdered. The death toll from the ground operation continues to rise. Despite the ongoing torment and heartbreak, those who made aliyah don’t regret making Israel their home. Antisemitism is spreading throughout the UK, making it challenging for Jewish parents to advise their children. Universities are considered off-limits for Jews due to the level of antisemitism among students and staff. There have been instances where university professors have made life uncomfortable for Jewish students. Potential employers also present issues, with concerns about revealing anything Jewish on their CV. Moreover, there are situations in the workplace where Jewish identity may be mocked. A Jewish journalist detailed these issues and more. Other troubling incidents include a taxi firm that has garnered disfavor with the Jewish community, as drivers have made clients feel uncomfortable with antisemitic remarks. Many in the community have started to hide items that reveal their Jewish identities. It’s unclear when these measures will end, with the fear of antisemitism only increasing. The rise in antisemitism has caused fear among Jews in the Diaspora for the younger generation. While living in Israel can come with anxiety, having children in the army, it also means not having to hide their Jewishness. The writer is a former lawyer from Manchester, England, who now lives in Israel and works at The Jerusalem Post.