February 22, 2024

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has expressed concern about the increase in violence by extremists in the West Bank, calling for it to stop. She emphasized the need for a peaceful co-existence and reiterated the importance of the two-state solution, stating that it is the only way to prevent violence from spreading. Von der Leyen stressed the need for a viable perspective for the Palestinian people and their Arab neighbors, including the assurance of no forced displacement and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. She also condemned the unacceptable violence by extremists in the West Bank and called for it to cease.

US President Joe Biden and Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron also made similar statements, expressing readiness to take action against extremists attacking civilians in the West Bank and urging Israel to crack down on the violence by West Bank settlers. The West Bank is a contentious area with a population of 3 million Palestinians living alongside more than half a million Jewish settlers, and continued settlement expansion remains a contentious issue among Israel, the Palestinians, and the international community.