November 30, 2023

The influential Evangelical has said that President Joe Biden’s support for Israel during its conflict with Hamas surpasses what former US President Donald Trump would have achieved.

Friends of Zion founder Dr. Mike Evans told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that “Donald Trump would not have flown to Israel” so readily, nor would he have supported a lengthy war against the terrorist organization.

“When Trump said that the Russia-Ukraine war would not have happened if he was president, he meant that he would have negotiated a deal,” explained Evans. “Well, what kind of deal are you going to negotiate here? With Hamas?

“I am not sure that Donald Trump would have gotten the grade that Joe Biden got – and I say that even though I am not a Democrat.”

Evans graded Biden with an A- for his Israel policies since October 7.

“I think you have to remember this guy is looking at the Muslim vote in America, which he could lose; he’s looking at the progressives, which is enormous. In light of those two factors, I think Joe Biden has done an A- job, and I think he is a really good friend of Israel,” Evans said.

He also told the Post that he will not be supporting Trump in the next election despite his being “the greatest president in my lifetime for the State of Israel.”

He said that Trump’s behavior on January 6 and in other instances was not aligned with his Christian values, and he and many other prominent Evangelicals are looking at other candidates. He said both former US Ambassador to Israel Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were worthy candidates, but he did not believe they would win the primary against Trump.

“Trump has the primary sewed up right now, and this is problematic for our base because we don’t see him winning a general election,” Evans elaborated. “We see him as the only candidate that can lose the general election right now. And that concerns us because we’re worried that we will wake up and [Vice President] Kamala Harris will be president, and then we will not have a pro-Israel president.

“We’re all praying and looking to God for wisdom,” Evans said.

Evans spoke to the Post from his Friends of Zion Museum office in Jerusalem. He had just returned to Jerusalem from a third visit to southern Israel since October 7.

Evans and his followers joined the national effort in calling for the swift return of the kidnapped, and every evening, he broadcasts the names and images of the kidnapped on the museum facade.

In addition, Evans has organized various activities for displaced persons, such as painting parties for children, movie nights, and more – all free.

He has a team working around the clock on all social media platforms, telling the truth about Israel. The team has organized packages for soldiers, met with them to learn of extra equipment needs they might have, and delivered those supplies.

The museum also has guest quarters and has been hosting families who evacuated from border towns. He also purchased sleeping equipment to prepare for another evacuation due to developments in the North for the absorption on the Friends of Zion campus of more than a hundred evacuees.

“We stopped all other activities at the Friends of Zion, all construction projects, etc.,” according to Evans. “We’re focusing on one thing: using our campus for a rapid response for the State of Israel – helping in every possible way we can.”

Evans was down south at Kibbutz Be’eri and in Sderot only days after the massacre. At 76, he was dodging terrorist bullets and running from rockets.

“It is very personal,” he said. “My life’s calling is to combat antisemitism, nothing else. There is no hidden agenda. No, it is not about prophecy or anything else. It is about combating antisemitism and supporting Israel.”

He has also put out a call to all other Evangelicals to get involved in the fight actively.

“I want to encourage Evangelicals: Love is not something you say; it’s something you do,” Evans said, quoting Mother Theresa. “There are over 750 million Christian Zionists around the world. I know they are praying for Israel. But I want them to do more than pray. I want them to give.”

He said Israel needs the support of every pro-Israel Evangelical.

“Speak up against the evil that is Hamas,” Evans said.