February 26, 2024

On the morning of October 7, Eylon Levy, 32, was just an ordinary Israeli citizen, an oleh (immigrant) from the UK who had a huge interest in Israeli politics and diplomacy. A few weeks later, he became an international viral sensation while representing the Israeli government in an interview with Sky News anchor Kay Burley, raising his eyebrows in astonishment, and then answering in a way that made every supporter of Israel around the world proud. Levy has criticized many members of this current Netanyahu-led government, as well as participated in the protests against the judicial reforms. He also has a background in media and theater. Levy grew up in the United Kingdom as a son of Israeli expats. He is an award-nominated playwright and translator. Educated at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Levy has worked as a television news anchor and as an anchor and correspondent for the international i24NEWS network. Levy has also translated dozens of Hebrew books into English, including several influential works of nonfiction. He was named the Sami Rohr Prize Inaugural Translation Finalist in 2022 for his translation of Danny Adeno Abebe’s From Africa to Zion. Levy later tweeted something along the lines of “Hello, I’m a former adviser to the president, and I’m available to do interviews.” He then started doing some interviews from home while at the same time, behind the scenes, there was a request for him to join the team of spokespeople to assist internationally with the war effort. He was asked by Mark Regev, formerly the international spokesperson for the prime minister and Israel’s ambassador to London, if he would agree to “address the information war against Hamas.” Levy has also been invited to participate in Eretz Nehederet, the local satiric version of Saturday Night Live. He is expected to be on several covers of Hebrew newspapers this weekend, and many memes have been created since this incident. Levy explained that “television is a theatrical medium. It’s not about the transcript. It’s about what happens on screen. And the combination of a question that was at the level of an SNL parody of media coverage, as well as the way I answered, probably caused this reaction.” Overall, Levy’s success in an interview has dramatically raised his prominence within Israel.