November 30, 2023

A small number of Israeli soldiers, just a few out of hundreds of thousands, wear a cross on their uniform, according to a report by The Media Line. These bold troops, who are part of the thousands of reservists recently added to the Israeli army as it battles Hamas terrorists, are the sons of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem President, Juergen Buehler.

During an interview with The Media Line’s Felice Friedson, Dr. Buehler discussed Israel’s Christian relationship, his sons’ decision to join the army, and ICEJ’s role in aiding the country during the ongoing crisis.

The ongoing Israel–Hamas War has seen more than a month of fighting, and Juergen Buehler’s two sons have been serving in the Israeli army. They were not born Jewish, but as Christians in a country with citizenship challenges, their decision to join the military is noteworthy.

According to Dr. Buehler, his younger son had always dreamed of serving in the IDF, and it was through his determination that they contacted the Israeli army and got temporarily accepted into the system. As a result, their older son was also drafted. These young men, although born in Israel and aware of their German background, felt at home in Israel and considered it their duty to defend the country.

In contrast to other Christian families, Dr. Buehler’s sons’ decision to serve in the army was a personal choice and not forced or strongly encouraged. This is not a common occurrence, as most Christian parents discourage their children from enlisting in the military.

There are an estimated 200,000 Christians in Israel, the majority of whom belong to historical churches like Catholics, Maronites, and Orthodox Christians. The evangelical Christian community, which Dr. Buehler represents, is relatively new, with around 30,000 to 40,000 residents in Israel. The Christian Embassy usually hosts groups of visitors, but due to limited flights during the war, their operations have been affected.

The recent conflict in Israel has also brought about an outpouring of global support for the nation, with donations and aid coming from various countries. Despite the challenges, Dr. Buehler remains committed to his work, building bomb shelters in Gaza border communities and maintaining strong relationships with the people in the area.