February 22, 2024

Soldiers surrounding Gaza City, Houthis in Yemen claim to have attacked Israel with drones, Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah speaks out publicly on the war for the first time, Congress votes to censure Rashida Tlaib, antisemitism rises in major global cities as the war dominates headlines around the world. Amidst the complexities of Israel’s war with Hamas, the global implications are undeniable. Ayelet Frish, CEO of Frish Strategic Consulting Ltd. and a leading international strategic adviser, explains the events of the past week and Israel’s crucial campaign.

IDF troops finish encircling Gaza City, the center of Hamas terror, and keep fighting inside Gaza. They urge residents to evacuate, opening humanitarian corridors for peaceful passage. Thousands of civilians fleeing is a tragic result of Hamas violence against its own people.

Israel has sent troops to its northern border with Lebanon and Syria and is prepared for any terror threat.

The trial of the Jewish people is ingrained in their culture and religion. The October 7th massacre is a pivotal event in recent Jewish history. Years of provocation and violence have led to unity in Israel for the survival of their nation.

Israel will continue fighting as they seek to rescue hostages and eliminate the threats posed by Hamas and Hezbollah.

The threat to Israel’s safety from the northern border is clear, and Israel must deal with the imminent threat of Hezbollah.

The brutal massacre on October 7th demonstrates that Israel’s enemies are fearful, and the renewed spirit and resolve of the Jewish people is evident.

The future for Israel is uncertain, and the danger posed by terrorist organizations is real. The impact of the war will be far-reaching and long-lasting.