November 30, 2023

Yair Szlak, the President and CEO of the Montreal Jewish Federation brought to light the alarming rise of antisemitism in Canada, marked by violent attacks, including the use of Molotov cocktails against Jewish institutions. The attacks have escalated from verbal to physical violence, with protests, an Imam yelling ‘death to the Jews’, and shootings at Jewish schools. Despite these threats, Szlak affirmed the Jewish community’s resilience and unwavering support for Israel. He also reassured the safety of Jews in Canadian cities, particularly Toronto, stating that they will not be intimidated and will continue to be a strong Jewish community.

Szlak spoke with army radio while leading a solidarity delegation from Canada to Israel, comprising over 60 leaders from Canada’s Jewish Federation communities, as well as five Canadian MPs. The group aims to understand the impact of the recent conflicts in Israel and to evaluate future needs. During their three-day program, the participants will delve into the trauma and resilience of the Israeli people and explore the global consequences of the conflict, specifically the rise in global antisemitism.