December 10, 2023

The Western Wall will host a Torah scroll dedication and creation on Tuesday as a tribute to the future of Israel and the impact of the war. Two Torah scrolls will be dedicated for the success of the people of Israel, including the elevation of fallen souls, the well-being of soldiers, and the return of hostages. The ceremony will bring together rabbis, public figures, and families of fallen soldiers, hostages, and evacuees from the north and south. The event will take place at the Western Wall Plaza at 3:30pm and is open to the public. Special prayers will also be held for the swift return of hostages and the health and safety of those serving the nation. The Torah scrolls will find their homes in communities across Israel that were affected by the war, such as those in the Gaza envelope, settlements in the north, and IDF bases. Additionally, the first scroll will be dedicated to the Kerem Shalom community on the Gaza border.