February 24, 2024

The 13 hostages released yesterday, reunited with their family members in Israel on Saturday. The Avigdors are part of an extended family from Kibbutz Be’eri who had 10 members of the family kidnapped by Hamas to Gaza. Despite six family members, including all the children, being returned four family members remain in Gaza including all of the adult men taken captive. Hen Avigdori has been making passionate pleas for his family’s release since they were taken, calling it “his mission”. Naveh and Yahel Shoham were free from Hamas captivity on Saturday, November 25 along with their mother Adi Shoham. Maya’s return is bittersweet, her younger brother Itay (18) remains captive in Gaza. Maya’s call to her father where she told him “Dad they’re shooting at me; I’m dead!” was symbolic of the helplessness many parents felt on receiving calls for help on October 7. Emily Hand reunites with her father, she celebrated her ninth birthday in captivity; he had feared her killed in the initial attack.