December 10, 2023

Lt.-Col. Avichay Adraee, the IDF Arabic media spokesperson, shared a post on Friday on X highlighting the difference between the IDF and Hamas. “The difference between #sons_of_Judaism and #sons_of_ISIS_culture is like the difference between #light and #darkness. In the midst of the destruction caused by #ISIS_Hamas to the residents of #Gaza and their displacement, the mercy of the IDF soldiers appears on these people, reflecting the values of our soldiers and our people, by helping an elderly man pull his cart to help an elderly woman and move to the south of Wadi Gaza.” This statement was accompanied by a video showing IDF soldiers helping pull a cart across a destroyed road in Gaza for a pair of elderly couples. The soldiers and young men help the couples load their belongings and two women, one of whom is totally unable to walk, onto the cart. After gathering their things, the men begin dragging the cart further south as the soldier waves them off.