November 30, 2023

The IDF stated on Thursday that it found data at Al-Shifa Hospital related to Israeli hostage Ori Magidish. On a laptop at Hamas’s Shifa command center, there were data and images of Magidish from before she was taken hostage. The IDF reported that there is extensive additional data that still needs to be analyzed from the technological items found at the hospital. IDF Spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari presented weapons, military equipment, and intelligence technology found in Shifa Hospital but stated that the findings were not as significant as those found at Rantisi Hospital. No senior Hamas officials were found, and there was no major gunfight when the IDF entered the hospital. Hagari noted that IDF intelligence indicated that around 200 Hamas terrorists had returned to Shifa after an attack but was unable to confirm their current whereabouts. The IDF found military equipment hidden at the hospital but did not find any actual Hamas forces or signs of hostages being held there. Another IDF spokesperson told BBC that most Hamas forces had fled Shifa a few days before the IDF entered. The spokesperson also promised more findings of Hamas infrastructure but stated that it would take time due to the presence of civilians. The IDF has uncovered laptops inside Al-Shifa Hospital containing photos and videos of hostages taken during captivity. The military spokesperson Lt.-Col. Jonathan Cornicus stated that the equipment found at the hospital could provide valuable information regarding the hostages.