February 22, 2024

Israeli soldiers with food allergies relying on epipens to join the IDF despite restrictions may face discharge or exemption due to a policy change that experts say contradicts their recommendations. The decision seems to be made without consulting doctors and affects a considerable number of soldiers. Prof. Arnon Elitzur expressed his concerns about the decision, stating it contradicts the recommendations from experts and was made without dialogue with them. Soldiers, particularly those serving in front line positions, have been impacted by the sudden change in their medical profiles. Families of affected soldiers question the illogical timing of the decision amid an ongoing conflict. An IDF spokesperson claimed the decision was made to ensure the safety of soldiers based on changes in the IDF’s food system. The Yahel organization, representing Israelis with food allergies, denounced the decision, stating it jeopardizes thousands of Israelis who are capable of military service. They call on the IDF to freeze the decision and reassess how people with food allergies can serve.