December 10, 2023

IDF soldiers of the 188th Brigade and Shayetet 13 gained control of the Gaza harbor from Hamas. The operation also involved soldiers from the Combat Engineering Corps and the Air Force, resulting in the destruction of 10 tunnel shafts and other Hamas infrastructure. Additionally, 10 terrorists were killed during the operation.

The harbor area was successfully cleared of all buildings. Hamas had been using the harbor as a training facility for their naval commando forces to plan and carry out terror attacks via the sea. They disguised their activities under the guise of a civilian harbor, using civilian and Gaza harbor police vessels for training and attacks.

Hamas attempted sea infiltrations, including an attack on October 7 and subsequent attempts to reach Israel. In one incident on October 24, at least ten Hamas terrorists were killed while attempting to infiltrate into Israel. The IDF also conducted an airstrike on the residence of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, which was used for terrorist activities.

Two IDF officers, Captain Asaf Master and Captain Kfir Itzhak Franco, were named as having fallen in battle in Gaza.