December 10, 2023

An IDF airstrike killed five Palestinian terrorists, including Mahmoud a-Zoufi, a commander of al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and wounded two others in the Fatah headquarters in Balata camp near Nablus, the IDF and Palestinian sources said. The IDF confirmed the strike as part of a joint IDF and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) operation. The military stated that it struck “a number of terrorists [in Balata]… and prevented terror attacks against Israeli civilians”. Among those killed were Mohammad Zahed, a key commander in Nablus’s terrorist activities. Zahed had participated in various Nablus shooting attacks, as well as in an April 2023 shooting in Jerusalem, and was reportedly planning additional terror acts. During the operation, Israeli forces dismantled an explosives production location in the area and seized a number of ready-to-use devices. The IDF also found improvised explosive devices concealed under and next to the sides of the road. IDF forces came under fire from terrorists during the operation but no soldiers were injured. Additionally, the IDF arrested 19 terror suspects over the weekend, 11 of whom are connected to Hamas, bringing the total new arrestees from the West Bank since October 7 to 1,800, 1,050 of whom are connected to Hamas.