February 22, 2024

For long enough, searching through the U.S. visa system will help you discover the EB-1A, or Einstein visa. Reserved for noncitizens with “extraordinary ability,” this is among the toughest permanent-residency visas to obtain. John Lennon, tennis star Monica Seles, and Slovenian model Melania Knauss (now Melania Trump) are some of the recipients. To qualify for an EB-1A, one must meet three of ten criteria for extraordinariness or provide evidence of a major “one-time achievement.” The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued only one percent of the half-million permanent-residency visas in 2022 as EB-1As. Mangesh Ghogre, a forty-three-year-old man from Mumbai, who has extraordinary ability in writing crossword puzzles, was one of the rare recipients. He first came to the U.S. in 2012, to Brooklyn, attending the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (A.C.P.T.). He was intrigued by the EB-1A visa when he stumbled across a Forbes listicle. After consulting with possible immigration lawyers, Ghogre decided that he met the criteria for extraordinary ability. His career in crossword puzzles started when he was a student in Mumbai. After completing his M.B.A., he continued pursuing his passion for crosswords and even corresponded with some American constructors. Throughout the process, Ghogre had support from friends and mentors. His visa application was successful, and he became a permanent U.S. resident.