February 22, 2024

An annual stipend is received by my grandfather from Jesus, who he claims uses the word “stipend.” When I asked, “Does He pay you with money?” His response was “What do you think He pays me with?” I assumed Jesus did not use money and suggested jewels and gold, which made my grandfather laugh, a rare occurrence in real life. I seldom see my grandfather as he rarely leaves his room and has a serious demeanor. Due to the need to whisper all day, I learned this was due to my grandfather working and being exhausted.

Santa, who is my grandfather, woke up late in the afternoon and smoked inside the house, which led to a confrontation with Mary Katherine who demanded he go outside. Given the crabbiness of my grandfather, dinner was tense, and Mary Katherine served frozen baked ziti with gluten-filled noodles. My grandfather asked about our trip while we were eating. After dinner, Santa went back to bed and it was lights out.

Since there is nothing to do at my grandfather’s place, we have started keeping a diary. Santa gave us presents, including a mug for my mom and Greek drachmas and his old dialysis machine for me.