December 10, 2023

Iran announced a new hypersonic missile called the Fattah-2. This is an upgraded version of the Fattah 1, which has not been proven operational. Despite this, Iran is touting its missile program as being impressive. The concept of hypersonic missiles has been a topic of discussion for various countries, but the technology is challenging to achieve.

Hypersonic missiles have the ability to maneuver at high speeds, making them difficult to intercept. Iran claims that the Fattah 2’s new design will enable it to hit targets without being detected. However, the missile is untested and has not been proven to work. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was shown the missile, indicating that Iran wants the world to believe it has these capabilities.

Despite Iran’s claims, the Fattah missiles have not been proven and are not likely ready for combat. However, Iran’s missile and rocket program poses a serious threat to the region, and countries in the area must take this threat seriously.