November 30, 2023

Islamic leader Mohammed Hijab made false antisemitic and anti-Zionist claims in a televised debate with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Israel’s war in Gaza, hosted by Piers Morgan.
Hijab claimed that the IDF was a terrorist organization according to the United Nations definition, that Israel has killed Palestinian children for political reasons, and that former UK prime minister Winston Churchill was a war criminal.
Hijab condemned Hamas for killing civilians but continued to raise the issue of the “100-to-one” ratio of Palestinians killed compared to Hamas terrorists. The ratio reference by Hijab was based on statistics provided by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry which cannot be independently verified.
The rabbi explained that Arab-Israeli citizens of Israel have equal rights under the law. In response, Hijab mentioned the Holocaust, although it was not clear why.
While acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself, Hijab failed to acknowledge Hamas’s use of human shields or civilian casualties in every war. Rabbi Shmuley stressed that Hamas is hiding under hospitals and shooting civilians.
The rabbi compared Israel’s response to Hamas to Britain’s response to the Nazis, highlighting measures taken to prevent Palestinian casualties and Hamas’s endangerment of Palestinians.
Hijab continued to discuss the “100-1 ratio” and quoted President Isaac Herzog, making false and derogatory statements about his daughter’s business.
Morgan asked Hijab to stop his comments, and when discussing Churchill’s actions during World War II, Hijab insisted that he was a war criminal. Morgan challenged Hijab on his beliefs, leading to a discussion of civilian casualties in wars.
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