December 10, 2023

The IDF unveiled new details about Hamas’s “pit” headquarters in Gaza City. The military high command site has an underground pit, which the IDF took over a few days ago. The military high command area and some connected tunnel network were challenging to take. The IDF assigned high-powered Units 401 and Givati troops to do so. The underground pit is similar to the IDF’s one under the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv. An elevator shaft went 30 meters underground and could fit seven people. Hamas’s high command had hidden there. The tunnel had oxygen, air conditioning, and advanced communications. IDF forces killed over 1,000 Hamas terrorists in the invasion. All of Hamas’s long-range Kornet anti-tank missiles were destroyed. Global pressure for a ceasefire will spike in two to three weeks. Hamas’s Shaati neighborhood surrendered due to a lack of food and water. The battalion commander of Hamas’s Shaati forces fled before the battle was over. There have been zero friendly fire losses of IDF infantry. IDF forces will return to the Shejaiya neighborhood to fight the remaining Hamas forces. The IDF aims to destroy Hamas forces, tunnels, and pressure Hamas to release Israeli hostages. 30% of Hamas’s tunnels have been fully destroyed. The IDF is unsure about the location of the hostages. The IDF will investigate the tunnels using robots and will enter only with the approval of a high-ranking brigade commander.