February 24, 2024

The infant Kfir Bibas has been in captivity in Gaza for over 50 days, and Israel claims that Hamas has transferred him to another Palestinian terrorist group, complicating efforts to secure his release. The family of the captives has urged the Israeli government and mediators from Egypt and Qatar to help secure their release. The family members were not included in the expected release of hostages on Tuesday, and Hamas has not disclosed the location or condition of the estimated 170 people it still holds. The family is desperate for the release of the parents and children and has demanded immediate action from the Red Cross. Israel’s military spokesperson has stated that Hamas bears sole responsibility for the captives, and the family is anxiously awaiting their return. The family has also expressed concerns about the infant Kfir’s ability to survive in captivity, as he is only 10 months old. The situation has left the family members unable to function, and they are pleading for the safe return of their loved ones.