December 10, 2023

The Israeli political satire show, Eretz Nehederet, mocked the BBC and Western media coverage of Israel’s Operation Swords of Iron in a skit featuring a sympathetic mock interview with Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’s lead man in Gaza. The interview, portrayed by an actress as a BBC anchor, began 39 days after Hamas “peacefully attacked Israel,” with Sinwar singing in favor of a ceasefire. The skit also featured Sinwar and the mock BBC anchor complaining about a kidnapped Israeli baby’s cries heard in Sinwar’s office, with the anchor claiming the baby was “torturing him through sleep deprivation” and “occupying his house.” Eretz Nehederet has been critical of the BBC in the past, and has produced a number of viral skits during Operation Swords of Iron, including one criticizing campus antisemitism at American universities. The show’s director, Muli Segev, stated that the production of the show during the crisis was a challenge, but emphasized the importance of providing relief and laughter in difficult times.