November 30, 2023

The Islamic Republic of Iran benefits from the war in Gaza as it diverts attention from its nuclear weapons capability. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported Iran’s violations and expansion of enriched uranium stockpile, including weapons-grade uranium. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, aims to produce military-grade fissile material and develop a nuclear warhead. It’s important for Israel to prevent the regime in Iran from achieving its nuclear ambitions while prioritizing the war in Gaza.

Tehran’s involvement in the Hamas October 7 attack reflects its long-standing effort to destroy Israel. Iran provided funding, training, and capabilities to Hamas. It is likely that Khamenei wants to take advantage of the world’s focus on Gaza to conceal enough material for nuclear bombs. Israel must continue to collect information on the Iranian nuclear program and strike at its components and scientists. The Biden administration’s approach, relying on diplomacy and cash, is not enough to deter Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

To address the threat, Israel must continue hitting nuclear assets and leaders inside Iran. Diplomatic efforts are crucial to persuade Washington to reconsider negotiations with Tehran. The United States and Israel must work together to strike at the root of the threat posed by Iran.