November 30, 2023

The recent conflict involving Hamas has shed light on the fact that the United States is the most crucial ally for ensuring the security of the State of Israel. Following the October 7 tragedy, the U.S. made it clear to the world that the primary responsibility of governments is to safeguard the lives of their citizens. Consequently, Israel had the right – and the obligation – to engage in war to defeat Hamas and put an end to its rule over Gaza.

Major European governments also expressed support for Israel’s actions, and the U.S. vetoed UN resolutions that sought a ceasefire leaving Hamas unpunished. The U.S. also provided Israel with munitions and defense systems essential for its offensive in Gaza. Without the support of America, Israel would have been forced to prematurely halt its counters in previous military operations.

American support for Israel is based on various factors including shared democratic values, emotional attachments from evangelicals and Christian Zionists, and mutual respect for Israel’s moral conduct. However, this support is being undermined by the behavior of certain ministers in the ruling coalition in Israel.

The U.S. administration is under pressure to be a friend and protector of the Palestinian people, advocating for humanitarian pauses in Gaza and urging Israel to minimize civilian casualties. Despite the existential threat Israel faces, it is imperative to consider American policy suggestions to uphold the vital alliance with the U.S.

The behavior of certain ministers in Israel’s ruling coalition, such as Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir, has been met with disapproval from the Biden Administration and Israel’s supporters in America. Their policies and anti-Arab views, as well as their failure to restrain illegal behaviors, are damaging the critical alliance with America.

It is suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address the inappropriate behavior of these ministers, or consider removing them from the government. Failure to do so risks further damaging the crucial alliance with America.