February 24, 2024

Israel’s military is ready to evacuate babies from Gaza’s largest hospital on Sunday. The hospital, Al Shifa, is experiencing a humanitarian crisis as fuel has run out amid intense fighting, leading to the deaths of two newborns and placing dozens more at risk. The Rafah crossing into Egypt will reopen for foreign passport holders, and Hamas claims to have destroyed over 160 Israeli military targets in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the deaths of five more Israeli soldiers, bringing the total to 46 since ground operations began. Israel reported ongoing rocket fire from Gaza, while Hamas stated that over 11,000 Gaza residents have been killed in air and artillery strikes, with around 40% being children. Reports suggest a possible hostage deal with Hamas, which could involve releasing women, children, and the elderly in exchange for a pause in fighting. Israel has also stated its readiness to help evacuate the hospital. However, the situation remains dire, with the World Health Organisation expressing concern for the safety of those trapped in the hospital. Amid the ongoing conflict, thousands gathered in Tel Aviv to support the families of the hostages. Displaced Palestinians seek shelter at Al Shifa hospital, highlighting the urgent need for humanitarian assistance in the region.