November 30, 2023

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the UK’s Labour Party, wrote an article for Tribute Magazine on Friday, accusing both the IDF and Hamas of being terrorist groups. His article was in response to a vote in the British Parliament on whether to support a ceasefire, which most MPs voted against. Corbyn compared the Israel-Hamas conflict to the conflict that divided Ireland.

In the article, Corbyn described the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, attributing it to the ongoing conflict but failing to mention Hamas withholding resources that could alleviate much of the distress. He also mentioned Hamas’s October 7 attack, condemning the targeting of civilians.

Corbyn insisted that a ceasefire was the first step to release hostages, end the siege of Gaza, and achieve a lasting peace. He emphasized the need for dialogue between the people of Israel and Palestine, including those with whom they disagree. He also stated that Palestinians should decide who governs them in Gaza, despite a lack of elections since 2006.

Corbyn’s article did not mention the daily barrage of rockets sent by Hamas targeting Israeli civilians. He also did not acknowledge a poll showing significant Palestinian support for the October 7 attack and exclusive support for a single Palestinian state. According to Corbyn, peace is not possible without understanding the root cause of its absence, which he identified as Palestinians living under occupation and a system of apartheid.