February 24, 2024

A delegation of Jewish school administrators from Latin America is currently in Israel on a mission of solidarity. During their visit, they explored the Gaza envelope area and held a meeting with the President Isaac Herzog. The visit is a Zionist and solidarity educational mission to Israel.

Consisting of around 20 educational leaders from Latin America, the delegation arrived in Israel as guests of the United Initiative (UnitEd). They were joined by representatives from Herzog College, the Pincus Fund, and the World Zionist Organization’s Department of Zionist Activities. These influential educators hail from eight Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico.

UnitEd CEO Hannah Dorsman explained that the visit is to gain insights into community resilience in light of the prevalent antisemitism in their home countries and receive training as advocates for their communities upon their return. The challenges currently faced by Jewish schools worldwide were also discussed, with a focus on the recent conflict in Israel and the ongoing battle against Jews and Jewish communities worldwide.

The educators expressed their commitment to strengthening their connection to Israel and sharing valuable insights and lessons with their communities upon their return. They emphasized the importance of providing tools and support to students facing antisemitism on campuses.

The delegation’s visit to Israel during this critical time will have a profound impact, both in the present and the future. It enables them to convey solidarity and provide support to the people of Israel, while also gaining valuable experience and insights to share with their students and communities.