February 24, 2024

An internal survey among Likud members shows both good and bad news for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The survey indicates that a coup in the party is unlikely, as 70% of participants support Netanyahu as party leader. However, this support comes with a condition: if the prime minister tries to move the elections forward, he may lose his supporters.

What about outside the party?

A recent Maariv poll conducted after the October 7 Hamas attacks shows Likud trailing Benny Gantz’s National Unity Party by 22 seats. The opposition parties would have a significant lead over the governing parties, with 78 seats against the coalition’s 42.

Another poll conducted two months before the Hamas attacks also concluded that Gantz’s party would lead in the next elections, which are expected to take place in 2026.

The August poll had Netanyahu’s party with more seats than the October poll, but it still indicated that the opposition parties would have a lead over the coalition parties.

Troy O. Fritzhand contributed to this report.