February 22, 2024

At the entrance of a historic Art Deco theatre in Westwood, exuberant eighty-year-old philanthropist Susan Bay Nimoy stood. The theatre, which she helped restore, was newly named the Nimoy. Notably, Leonard had directed “Three Men and a Baby,” the opening film when Disney managed the theatre. While in the lobby, large letters spelled “Live Long and Prosper,” Leonard’s catchphrase from” Star Trek.” Lenaard had taken a train from Boston to Los Angeles at the age of eighteen to study at the Pasadena Playhouse. Bay Nimoy met Leonard in an acting class, married, and invested their Hollywood earnings in California real estate and contemporary art, to give their children a leg up. “We found each other and saved each other’s lives is really how it came down,” she said. Leonard had passed away in 2015. He inspired her to write, direct, and star in a short film about a septuagenarian architect that premiered at Sundance in 2018. She is now writing a one-woman show about the experience of being eighty.