November 30, 2023

Israel experienced its inaugural winter storm of the year on Sunday morning, beginning at approximately 5 a.m. Rain intensity was so high in certain areas that it broke historical records, according to the Israel Meteorological Service. This was particularly evident in the Mount Canaan region near Safed, which saw rainfall at a rate of 22 mm per 20 seconds, 28 mm per half an hour, and 38 mm per hour. In Harish, 31 mm of rain fell every 20 seconds, 41 mm in 30 seconds, and 51 mm in an hour – the highest recorded rain intensity since 2009.

According to statistical calculations, these intense rains are only supposed to happen every 100 years. However, Amos Porat, head of climatic services at the Israel Meteorological Service, said the event could not be directly tied to climate change. Yet he noted that “the high intensities observed align with the trend of strengthening events with intense rainfall as part of climate change.”

The rain began around 5 a.m. on the northern coastal plain, spreading throughout the morning to the center and inland areas of the country. By noon, it extended with intensity southward to the Ashdod line and inland to the Judean Mountains and north of the Jordan Rift Valley. South of these areas, there were localized and shorter rain showers. Thunderstorms and gusty winds accompanied the rains.

On Monday, rain is expected to continue to fall throughout the country, but it is expected to be less intense.