February 22, 2024

The aftermath of a kidnapping incident in Israel has led to a tough decision to strike a deal with Hamas. The priority is the rescue of kidnapped children, despite the weighty consequences. The possibility of striking Hamas post-ceasefire looms, but the odds of a clear victory picture are dwindling. The deal is harsh, the price steep, and the risk great, but such considerations pale when children are involved. The failure to uphold the commitment to ensuring the safety of Jewish children renders the state morally and ethically bankrupt. Saying “yes” to this deal becomes imperative as the only way to begin restoring the breached covenant. Comparing this deal to past exchanges, where terrorists were released, including murderers, Israel seems to have made another deal with the devil. Unlike the previous deal, this time, no murderers will be set free. Refusing the deal would significantly jeopardize the lives of the abductees. Admitting the deal delays the operation, hampers momentum, and grants Hamas valuable time is essential. Leadership must be transparent about the evolving reality and acknowledge the uncertainties ahead, needing patience, determination, and bravery. The path ahead is laden with challenges, but eventual victory remains the goal.