February 24, 2024

Many people once believed that the 21st century would bring progress and lead us to a brighter future. However, the recent horrors perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 serve as a stark reminder that evil still exists and threatens that promising future. It is now up to the civilized world to confront these barbaric forces and defend the values we hold dear.

This is a crucial moment for leaders and nations to make a stand. It is a time for us to choose whether we will fight for a future of hope and promise or succumb to tyranny and terror.

The barbarism of Hamas and the Iranian axis of evil

Following the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, Israel finds itself at war. While Israel did not initiate this conflict, it is determined to emerge victorious. The acts of savagery carried out by Hamas, as part of the Iranian axis of evil, are appalling and must be countered.

In combating the likes of Hamas and the Iranian axis of terror, Israel is waging a battle on behalf of civilization itself. Achieving victory over these enemies begins with moral clarity and the recognition of right from wrong. It also involves holding perpetrators accountable for their crimes and not allowing immoral tactics to go unpunished.

Hamas’ use of human shields and the deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians must be condemned by the international community. Israel is making efforts to protect Palestinian civilians, but Hamas is actively placing them in harm’s way, thereby prolonging the conflict.

Furthermore, Hamas is holding over 200 Israelis hostage, including 33 children, which is a despicable act that should not be tolerated by any civilized nation.

Israel is resolute in its stance against agreeing to a ceasefire with Hamas, as doing so would equate to surrendering to terrorism and barbarism. This is a time for war – a war for our shared future.

It is imperative for all nations to support Israel in this fight, as the consequences of Hamas and Iran’s victory will extend beyond Israel’s borders.

Israel stands firm in its commitment to battle against the forces of barbarism until a decisive victory is achieved. It is a fight that Israel hopes will be backed by civilized nations worldwide, as this battle is not just for Israel but for the preservation of universal values.

The writer is prime minister of Israel. This viewpoint is based on his briefing to the foreign media on October 29.