February 22, 2024

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in an interview he conducted between Thursday and Friday with “Fox News” that Israel has no intention of controlling the Strip in the long term after the war. However, in a conversation he held earlier with the heads of the authorities in Otef, the Prime Minister contradicted his words in the United States. “The IDF will continue to hold the Gaza Strip even after the war, Israel will not rely on international forces,” Netanyahu said, Netanyahu added that he wants civilian rule to be established there. He also said during the interview “We want a better future and that requires defeating Hamas. I haven’t set a schedule because it could take longer. I wish it would take a little time.” Netanyahu also commented on the progress of the IDF forces in the field “Nothing will stop the fact that we are fully committed to victory, and it is not only our victory, but it is the victory of the entire civilized world against barbarism. I think the war is progressing well. We are going to continue until the eradication of Hamas.” The Prime Minister’s Office responded, “Prime Minister Netanyahu told the heads of authorities in the Gaza Strip with whom he met today that after the elimination of Hamas, there will be total Israeli security control over the Gaza Strip, including full demilitarization, to ensure that there is no longer a threat from Gaza to the citizens of Israel.”