February 24, 2024

Nitzanim has been connecting communities and leaders and working with 20 nonprofit organizations throughout Israel, as well as facilitating an emergency mission of ten nonprofit directors to the US next month during Hanukkah, in what they hope will provide and strengthen communal resilience to Israel and the Jewish community abroad. The organization leaders contacted by Nitzanim have also created solutions for people who have evacuated as a result of the war, including the southern border to Gaza and the Lebanon border in the North. Among Nitzanim’s nonprofit organizations is the Israeli Volunteer Association, which has provided psychological support, transportation, and housing for volunteers. Kibbutzim such as Nahal Oz are receiving help from volunteers such as coordinators helping to organize for children and teens games, a gym, and other activities that would help with the anxiety that the kibbutz’s civilians might have. Another nonprofit working with Nitzanim is Access Israel, which focuses on individuals with disabilities. Another organization that was recruited by Nitzanim is Pnima (inside) Israel, which identifies divisive Israeli societal issues, focuses on restoring kibbutzim that were destroyed, addresses the lack of workers in construction, and teaches leadership developments skills. Helping communities heal. Another two organizations are Muslala and the Israel Women’s Network (IWN). Muslala brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds for projects in the spheres of art, society, and sustainability, offering activities such as gardening, woodworking, meditation, music sessions, yoga, and mindfulness practices. IWN “promotes a better society in Israel through social equality by focusing on women’s equality and creating conditions for their prosperity.” The network assists women in understanding their individual and employment rights. The last two organizations are The Israeli Movement and Friends by Nature. The first helps to foster local civil community development. Friends by Nature is committed to strengthening self-confidence and identity by way of respect for each other’s culture. Initiatives include teenagers engaging in therapeutic dialogue about the October 7 massacre and the creation of urban gardens to allow people to process such horrors through mindfulness activities.