December 10, 2023

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated in an interview with Euronews that the true headquarters of Hamas leadership is located in Khan Yunis. Olmert emphasized the importance of recognizing the civilian casualties caused by the conflict and argued that nations voting against a ceasefire were implicitly condoning Israeli actions. He asserted that Khan Yunis is the main base for Hamas leadership, housing bunkers and command positions, countering the narrative that Al-Shifa Hospital is the center of Hamas operations.

Olmert called for Israel to pursue negotiations with the Palestinian Authority for a two-state solution following the military battle. He also addressed Israel’s evacuation request for citizens in southern Gaza and acknowledged the need for a thorough investigation into the IDF’s response time to the October 7th Hamas attack. Moreover, he criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that he failed to handle security responsibilities for Gaza.

In the interview, Olmert stressed the need for Israel to take Hamas seriously and to destroy the organization. Overall, he called for a shift in approach towards the conflict and advocated for a resolution that includes negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.