November 30, 2023

The Palestinian Authority’s Finance Ministry released a statement on Sunday denying that Hamas was responsible for the deaths of at least 350 partygoers at the Re’im music festival massacre. The statement claimed that “preliminary Israeli police investigations” showed that Israeli claims in the media were false and were being used by “the occupation to justify its aggression against Gaza.”

The PA also alleged that Israeli helicopters bombed Israeli civilians on October 7, causing “great destruction,” and claimed that this was a result of the Hannibal Directive, which they said allowed “the occupation police and army to kill everyone.”

They called on the UN and other country leaders to investigate the matter and reconsider their positions.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded by calling the PA’s statement “utterly preposterous” and accused them of denying the truth about the massacre. He also criticized PA President Abbas for his previous denial of the Holocaust and his doctorate thesis that questioned the number of Jews killed and the existence of gas chambers.

Netanyahu stated that his goal is to ensure that any future civil administration in Gaza does not deny the massacre, educate children to become terrorists, pay for terrorists, or promote the destruction of Israel.